Wedding Design

In order to give your wedding a specific unique spread that runs through all of its areas, it is advisable to create a wedding design.
The bridal couple will discuss their wishes and particular favourite colours in a preliminary talk.

In a professional colour and style consultation, we will identify colours and styles which flatter both the bride and groom, and which best suit their style. Finally, the colours which are already available at the planned location will also be taken into consideration during the planning.

All of these determined details feed into an overall concept – the so-called “Mood Board” is the visualisation of this concept, so that you, as the bridal couple, can better imagine the final version.

Questions which will need to be answered when preparing the wedding design include:

• What colour type are the bride and bridegroom?
• What style suits the bridal couple? Elegant, rustic, modern….
• What colours are available at the location?
• What is the most important colour in the overall concept?
• What colour and style should be used for the bridal gown?
• What might the rings look like?
• What stationary matches the style of the wedding?
• What colours will the bridal bouquet have?
• What colours should be used in the bridal make-up?
• What hairstyle matches the style of the bride?
• What should the floral decoration look like?
• What decorative elements should be used at the wedding?
• What specific table decorations will be used?
• Will chair covers be used?
• What might be guest gifts look like?
• What wedding cake fits the overall concept?

A complete wedding design is included in the Wedding Couture Full-Service Planning.


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