Wedding planner Susanne Pötzelsberger, MBA

As I was born in July, I was blessed with the luck that from my childhood years, my mother would organise a garden party for me every summer. A tent would be set up, festooned with lanterns and garlands, and there were plenty of delicacies to eat, such as ice cream, watermelon, and of course, the birthday cake. As soon as I handed out the invitations that I had written myself, I would be overwhelmed with inward anticipation of the big party. All of my friends would come to celebrate this wonderful day with me.
Later, when it came to choosing the right school, my grandmother’s hobby, tailoring, had a significant influence on me. So, I went to fashion school, and was soon able to design my own creations. In fourth form, a friend commissioned me to tailor her wedding dress – a great honour for me. At the same time, she also allowed me to be her bridesmaid, and I found myself a guest at a wonderful wedding for the first time.

The next time that I would come across the topic of weddings was during my year abroad, in a textiles company in Mauritius. I watched couples as they said their vows under the palm trees on the white sandy beach, and found it simply gorgeously romantic.
In my subsequent professional life, I have always looked for possibilities to conjure up such special moments. Be it organising tour groups, company events such as Christmas parties, company outings, excursions or during my years of organising seminars and project in an international business. My goal was and has always been to touch hearts and create emotions.

children's birthday. happy kids with cake

Later on, my career path brought me back to fashion and design. I trained as an image consultant and founded my first company – the Image Academy. Of course, perfect styling also includes stunning make-up, which is why I continued my education as a make-up artist. This was the next significant step for me, because I was now allowed to accompanying a bride on her most special day and conjure up their bridal make-up.
In the years that followed, I began to become more and more involved in the planning and organisation of events and weddings. I realised how I could optimally combine my knowledge of project management with colour and style design and apply this in practice.
Probably the most emotional event of my life was my own wedding, in 2017. Lovingly organise down to the smallest detail, it was the “Dream Day” par excellence. To this day, guests still talk about how successful the celebration was.

What is uttered from the heart alone, will win the hearts of others to your own.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

That’s what sets me apart

  • Entrepreneur since 2007
  • Certified wedding planner
  • Outstanding network of professional service providers from the wedding industry
  • High level of creativity and empathy
  • Professional appearance and excellent communication skills (German and English)
  • Trained fashion designer with a soft spot for bridal fashion
  • Many years of experience in event organisation
  • Project management in an international company
  • TÜV-certified expert in colour, style and image consulting
  • Certified trainer in adult education
  • Qualified make-up artist and expert in bridal make-up
  • Master in Management and Leadership (MBA)
  • Professional expatriate in Mauritius, Madrid and London


Thanks to my many years in colour and style consulting, when designing a wedding, I attach particular importance to “Wedding Design”, a specific unique thread which runs through all areas of the design: from the invitations through to the flowers and decorations, to the cake and the bridal gown.

And since I am a very emotional person myself, it is important for me to create moments of happiness that will also elicit a few tears of joy from you.

What friends and colleagues say

Susanne has very good taste and a special feel for aesthetics; she is goal-oriented, perfectly organised, and always reliable. She has a winning, calm and respectful manner. Susanne has a wide-ranging knowledge and never loses sight of the big picture. A powerful woman with heartfelt warmth.